Child Advocates of Silicon Valley

Refer a Foster Child

Child looking at lightsWe have a vision: one where every child has a positive view of the future and the opportunity to become a productive, healthy adult. We focus our work on foster children, about whom the American Medical Association says:

“A more vulnerable group does not exist than children removed from the custody of their parents and placed in foster care.”

Our goal is for every foster child in Santa Clara County to have a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Here is how we begin the process to find and connect children in foster care to caring, consistent adults: once a child/youth have been declared a dependent in the foster care system, the Case Assessment Program (CAP) Team will assess each case to add to our waitlist and then they can be matched with a CASA.

In our county, only children themselves, a foster child's attorney, their therapist, a county social worker, a relative, a guardian can refer them to receive a CASA.

Girls laying on truckIf you are looking for a mentoring program for a local child who is not in the foster care system, check-out Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Bay Area. If you know a child in foster care who could benefit from a CASA but aren't in one of the above roles, connect with their foster parent or guardian and encourage them to request a CASA. If you live outside of Silicon Valley and are working to help a child in foster care, you can find a national list of Court Appointed Special Advocate programs here.

To make a referral: please fill out this form for a child or teen under 18 and email it to our Child Assessment Supervisor. If the youth is a Non-Minor Dependent, they will need to complete the over-18 form.

This process ensures we help the children most in need of a friend, mentor, and advocate. We served 810 foster youth last year and have about 150 on our waitlist. Find out more about how we change the lives of children in foster care, how you can give, and how you can volunteer.